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On the banks of Beautiful Lost Creek, rural Payne County, Oklahoma.
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Come with me to the Casbah!
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I'm 'Sheba.  I'm a shameless hussy!

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I'm Goliath.  I'm a giant, Dave's a wimp, and I hate his guts!

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For the record, Dave's Place, Inc. (the business/corporation,) is no more.  www.davesplaceinc.com is nothing more or less than an Internet address, which brings you here.  To my knowledge, simply having a homepage address is (for the time being) neither taxable, nor offers any tax breaks.  I'm sure somebody at the IRS is working feverously to make such a (non business) address taxable, while at the same time, some good Republican is trying to make it deductible.  When that happens, I'll change my Internet address.  Also, when that happens, God help anybody that lives on Inc. Street, Anywhere, USA!  Don't know that there is an Inc. Street in the US, but there's bound to be an Ink street, better watch out!  I never wanted to use "inc" anyway, but just plain ol' www.davesplace.com was taken.
(My accountant advised me I needed a disclaimer on my web site, if I was going to continue to use this home page address.)  

I'd sure rather be safe than sorry!

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